Seaport ship trucking East West LogisticsIf you are an exporter of Ukrainian products or a trading company who imports goods to Ukraine, then you have a need to minimize costs. International sea freight is the cheapest mode of transport in the world. So let's use this advantage for your product !!! Below we will try to reveal the secret of effective logistics, as well as give a good example from our practice (international cargo transportation by sea).

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We do not promise that we will provide the lowest price on the market, as you remember, the cheapest is not always of high quality. BUT we guarantee that we will organize the most efficient international transportation, and so that it does not sound like empty words, we will try to open the curtain of our work.

Firstly, we work out in advance the route of your cargo, take into account the working conditions at the ports of loading and unloading, the hazard class of the cargo and its risk of theft, the possibility of getting wet;

Secondly, before each shipment (sea transportation of containers), our specialist examines your goods through the prism of mistakes, both their own and others'. We have developed a system of risks, consisting of checklists, which avoids costly mistakes;

Thirdly, yes, we have to admit that for 15 years we made mistakes, studied the mistakes of other companies, but we NEVER shifted our responsibility to our client. Resolution of issues at the port, or price changes during transportation - for our client, the conditions are always unchanged

Fourthly, we have direct agreements with the sea lines CMA CGM, CSAV NORASIA, Hapag Lloyd, Maersk line, MSC, ZIM, in each port of Ukraine we have our own forwarder, our representative, who will defend your interest before the port administration or government agencies ;

Fifthly, getting a cheap sea freight does not mean that you have effective logistics, because in this process there are such components as the speed of cargo handling in ports, land transport, loading of goods, the efficiency of document processing, due to which there are simple sea containers ( demurrage) and storage in ports, customs clearance and much more.

Sixth, due to the large traffic flow, our company can provide cheaper freight transportation, place our goods in partially filled containers, or receive discounts on the delivery of large volumes;

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If we were convincing, find out the cost of sea freight (sea freight cost). By ordering the service now, our client receives free customs clearance * for the second delivery, which saves from 4000 UAH.

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If you still have doubts, we want to pay attention for one story from our client’s case.

The company is engaged in the import of electronics from China and, accordingly, we provide them with sea transportation services from China. In one of the orders, we received an application for the transportation of QLED TVs, diagonal 60 ", in the amount of 57 pieces, the cost of the batch is $ 48,849. The company was concerned about the safety of its cargo and asked for additional insurance of the goods. The goods were shipped on FOB Shenzhen terms (see INCOTERMS 2010), for this our agent handed over a sea container to the supplier and he loaded it. Next was the fun part!

We always make a photo report of the loaded goods, for various reasons, find out how the goods were loaded and secured, how much of the goods was actually loaded, for reporting to the insurance company, to delimit the scope of responsibility of the participants at various stages. And what we get  at the end of loading? ……. we see that the goods were loaded incorrectly, in a horizontal position, and this is strictly prohibited during transportation, which leads to damage to the TV matrix, and the packaging is not prepared for sea transportation, which can lead to wetting of the product. And the cargo has already been loaded and the container went to the port.

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Due to the well-coordinated work, we managed to intercept the container in the port and carry out repackaging, additionally protected the goods with foil, and loaded the goods correctly, according to the rules.

Then we decided to predict the situation if we had not done this and received the damaged goods in the port of Odessa (sea transportation of Odessa). Who would be responsible, who would compensate for the costs? Because the cargo was insured. According to the insurance rules, the insurance company does not indemnify for damage related to improper loading of goods. The transport company is also not responsible for loading the goods (according to the rules of Incoterms 2010, this is the supplier's area of ​​responsibility). At  the end, everything points to the shipper. If someone works with China, he/she can report with a 99% probability that Chinese companies do not carry out such compensation. Accordingly, we were very close to the risk of losing $ 60,000.00 (this includes the cost of sea freight, payment of customs duties).

After a detailed report to the company's management, the entire volume of imports was transferred to our organization to provide logistics.

Analyzing this story, there arises one question - Is it really worth saving $ 50-100 on the entire transportation. We are sure that other transport companies do not care about their client's cargo as much as we do, and for this you need to pay a lot of attention, spend time, have reliable partners and have a lot of experience behind you.

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But we do not want to say that our prices are higher than others. We want to convey to our client that when competitors start a price war and dump, remember that the price is reduced due to the quality of the services provided. We cannot afford this, there is such a saying: “We are not rich enough to buy cheap”.

Transportation of goods by sea hides in itself hundreds, if not thousands of nuances that we have not disclosed. So be careful and remember that only you and no one else should think about the safety of your product.

Transportation of dangerous goods by sea. There is a large classification of dangerous goods, depending on the quantity, type of packaging, etc. This is a separate topic that we will try to cover on other pages of our site.