Automobile international cargo transportation

автомобильные грузоперевозки компания Ист-Вест ЛогистикаDo you import or export goods by road and need efficient logistics? Then it's worth reading this page to understand the features of our successful approach..     

East-West Logistic company carries out international road transportation throughout Europe, the CIS and near Asia. This type of transportation is & nbsp; one of the main areas of our activity, therefore, we pay special attention to this area and constantly improve & service for our client.

International road transport - our goals:

  1. Ensure the safety of transportation. We put this point first on purpose. Many cargo owners neglect natural safety rules to save money. It is necessary to work out each stage of transportation: passing the border, checking the package of documents, thinking over the loading, unloading, checking the packaging. And the most important thing is to carry out cargo insurance with all possible reservations, and believe me from our 15 years of experience, there can be a colossal number of them..    
  2. Offer fast, prompt delivery of cargo, for reasonable funds. We achieve this by using the best logistics strategies, applying warehouse solutions, effectively using our & nbsp; cargo flows and working closely with vehicle fleets. All this provides an opportunity & nbsp; to quickly submit a car for loading at a market price, observing high quality standards.
  3. To minimize the labor costs of our client, to automate the processes. We are constantly working on the automation of processes in order to reduce your and our costs for cargo handling, reducing the likelihood of human error.

Also, one of the advantages , in addition to transportation services, our company has rich experience in customs clearance and offers technical importer and exporter. Thus, procedures in foreign economic activity are carried out as efficiently as possible, creating a process of synergy. Read on for a few examples from our story. 

Due to the above goals and aspirations, East West Logistics can offer efficient logistics.

The cost of auto transportation of your cargo

This parameter can vary due to many factors. Transportation route, type of cargo, temperature conditions, etc. 

It is worth taking into account the approach and methods of work of each carrier to the transportation process. Whoever works for "maybe", "and so will come down", "the main thing to bring" can lower prices to the point of indecency. But then you shouldn't be surprised that the cargo didn't arrive on time, or got stuck at the border due to trivial reasons.

To calculate the cost of transportation, you should pay attention to the measures taken to ensure the safety of your goods. 

Truck transport company East-West LogisticHere are several parameters of how the cost of transportation increases due to security:

  • our drivers & nbsp; do not spend more than 9-10 hours behind the wheel and park their cars for the night only in paid parking lots;
  • cargo insurance is carried out in a reliable insurance company, in case of an insured event, payment will be made in full;
  • timely maintenance of vehicles;
  • when using an external vehicle fleet, the company and cars are checked in the registries according to various & nbsp; safety criteria.

And the most important thing is our close attention to your cargo and the ultimate goal of transportation is to deliver the cargo to your warehouse intact and within the specified time frame. If you want to know the cost of transportation, leave a request, our specialists will select the best solution for you.

Road transportation is very common due to the territorial location of our region, and despite this, there are many risks and obstacles. In our 15 years of experience in cargo transportation, we have seen a lot of unpleasant situations that happened to us and other market participants. To do this, we have prescribed certain procedures & nbsp; for each process, which allows us to minimize risks and costs.

Using our service, the client uses the experience of 1000 transportations, which cannot be bought for money or materially evaluated, this is our invaluable asset.

What you should pay attention to:shipping car company East-West Logistic

  • check documents without leaving the shipping point;
  • check the labeling of the product and its fasteners, take a photo, this helped us out many times;
  • remember that according to the international convention, in case of damage to the goods, you will receive a minimum payment that will not cover your losses, study the insurance issue in more depth, but the best option is to avoid such situations;
  • use the services of high-quality specialists, you were convinced from experience that a high salary perfectly motivates an employee, and a motivated employee will allow your company to earn much more;
  • coordinate your actions with all participants in advance along the entire route of the cargo;
  • try to predict the difficulties and all the risks based on the specifics of your transportation.

And much more ….

Several successful cases from our activities that helped our client save money. 

Experience in road transporttransportation of oversized cargo by car East-West Logistics

Situation 1

The importer imports Hella auto parts from Germany. Our company acts as a carrier, the obligation of customs clearance for the client. The received documents from the shipper were sent to the importer for verification for confirmation. Then the cargo went to its destination. During the transportation, our specialist who conducted this transportation found errors in the transport documents - inconsistency with the invoice numbers, and there was no phrase in the commercial documents that allowed the use of preferences for customs clearance. Thanks to the early identification of the problem, it was possible to correct the documents, avoid costly downtime ($ 100 -200 $) and overpayment; taxes in the amount of 11,200 UAH (420 $). An illustrative example of the synergy effect, which shows that you need to understand not only logistics, but also customs clearance. Before the onset of this situation, the client could refuse to transport because of "our high cost" in the amount of $ 50-100, now such questions do not arise.  

Situation 2

The client turned to us with a request to pick up the equipment for the servers. Our specialists worked through the documents in advance and found out that the trademark is in intellectual property and the permission of the copyright holder is required to export the equipment, which the client did not even know about. Getting this permission is not a problem, since the deal was legal, but it took 6 days to get the official letter. If the car with the goods went on the same day, without preliminary study of the transportation, then the client would have to pay for 8 days (weekends inclusive) of downtime - and this is $ 800. In this case, our experience worked, or rather the mistake that we made earlier, at the dawn of our development. So take advantage of other people's experience and be wiser.