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We welcome you, our dear client, to the website of East-West Logistic.

"We are proud and appreciate our team,

because it is our intellectual asset "

Kristof Dobridis


We are a close-knit team of professionals with over 60 years of experience in logistics.

Let's get acquainted:

Kristof Dobridis East-West Logistic

Kristof Dobridis - Head of Foreign Economic Activity, 38 years old. Education - higher - Manager of Foreign Economic Activity (KNTEU), Finance (KNEU). Work experience since 2004.



Artem Nostrovsky East-West Logistic

Artem Nostrovsky, logist - air transportation, 29 years old. Education - higher - Transport technologies (NAU). In the East-West Logistic team since 2016.


Vitaliy Malyar East-West Logistic

Vitaliy Malyar, logistics-auto transportation, 38 years old. Education - higher - Organization of transport and management of transport (DAAT). In the East-West Logistic team since 2009.


Natalia Kachanova East-West Logistic

Natalia Kachanova, logistician - sea and railway transportation. Education - higher - management of business organizations (KNEU). In the East-West Logistic team since 2017.


Maria Mytischeva East-West Logistic

Maria Mytischeva, customs broker. Higher education - customs (KNTEU). In the East-West Logistic team since 2006.


Ksenia Dobridis East-West Logistic

Ksenia Dobridis, financial manager. Education - Higher - Enterprise Economics (NUBIP). In the East-West Logistic team since 2012.


Sergey Kovtun East-West Logistic

Sergey Kovtun, lawyer, 37 years old. Higher education - law (KROK). In the East-West Logistic team since 2007


Our vision:

Integration of the company into global logistics, automation of processes for effective management and minimization of risks.

Our mission:

Benefit the community, provide high quality services.

Our principles:

  • Honesty and decency
  • Innovativeness
  • Manufacturability
  • Sustainability
  • There are no hopeless situations
  • We love what we do

Our activity started in May 2004. The company where we worked was engaged in international trade. But, we were not satisfied with the service provided by customs brokers and transport agents - we saw new opportunities in this. Today we have come a long way, and we can already share our experience with you.


The result of the activity of the company East-West Logistic


Our company is not limited only to the transportation of goods or customs clearance, but provides a full range of services (ссылка на страницу услуги) in foreign trade.

East-West Logistic does not act as an intermediary, but is your reliable partner - a compass on trade routes.

Call us, our manager will provide you with a description of how we can be useful!

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