Logistic company - East-West Logistic

Efficient Logistics - How Do We Achieve It?


Individual approach to the client's task;

System of risks and checklists for processes;

An integrated approach to solving the problem;

15 years of successful experience in logistics.


  • Comprehensive approach - all services from one source, door-to-door.
  • Ability to control the location and status of your cargo through your personal account;
  • We insure your cargo. Working partnership with insurance companies;
  • Identification of potential problem situations that you do not even know about and their constant control;
  • We are constantly working on automating the management of transport processes - we reduce labor costs;
  • We are able to defend the value of goods in the customs;
  • Transportation of your cargo is a whole project for us, with the identification of weak and risky places and actions to prevent the occurrence of problems:
  • Systematization of logistics processes, which allows you to reduce risks, be on schedule, adhere in an agreed budget;
  • Customer focus - we select individual solutions for everyone.


  • We insure the cargo in the rating insurance companies;
  • Our reputation - we value it VERY deeply;
  • Testimonials from our clients on Google
  • Portfolio of our works;

How we are working

Client request


Our offer and its approval


Conclusion of a contract, insurance


Shipment of goods with photo fixation



Cargo tracking


Customs clearance


Delivery of goods to your warehouse