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international air travel Hello, dear user. If you are on this page, then there is a need to transport the goods quickly. Air delivery is what you need. Whether you are a logistics manager, an enterprise manager or a private entrepreneur, the tasks in air cargo transportation are the same for everyone. The only difference is in the solutions. How do we manage to solve these problems? Let's figure it out ...

Regardless of what kind of cargo you have, air delivery should always be optimally balanced according to the criteria: time, safety, cost. This statement resembles an economic postulate, a metaphor about a three-legged stool, where the legs are price, quality, speed.

Air Freight - Cost

We cannot happily inform you that we have the lowest airfreight price. The cost of our services always fluctuates within competitive limits, but at the same time we satisfy the most important goal of all transportation - the final costs for international delivery will be lower for you. How?

Firstly, we correctly set up transportation routes, use airlines that are strong in their directions, "knock out" discounts on the volume of our entire cargo traffic. So, the sooner you place an order, the more chances you have to provide a favorable rate for you and our customers;

Secondly, when buying freight services from us, we provide a discount on customs clearance;

Thirdly, due to the synergy effect of the transportation of goods and customs clearance, your cargo falls into the most favorable conditions: fast forwarding, preparation of documents in advance, no costs for additional storage at the airport, no control needs.

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Air Cargo - Timing

air travel Ukraine We want to open the curtain of the workflow a little and look inside. We are forwarders and redeem seats from major airlines. We cannot tell airlines how fast it is to deliver your cargo. But we know which plane takes off faster, how many connections at other airports, which airline adheres to deadlines and which constantly violates them.

One of the main factors in reducing transit time is our experience. We work through documents and packaging in advance with the agents, so that the goods have no chance of being delayed on the way. Our manager constantly monitors the level of congestion at the airports of congestion. An excellent example can be cited when, on New Year's Eve, a cargo was to arrive at the Boryspil airport (Kiev) - gifts from Santa Claus. Due to weather conditions, and simply because of ineffective management at the terminal, a queue of 5 cargo has gathered! days ahead, which is a fiasco for air freight. Knowing this situation, we sent the goods of our clients through the Warsaw airport, and then by truck to Ukraine, which reduced the delay to 12 hours. The presence of an agent in Warsaw and constant road transport from Poland allowed us to do this in the shortest possible time, investing in the client's budget.

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Air Cargo - Security

We are ready to discuss this issue for hours, because this is the most important aspect. We have under our belt various stories from the experience of missing or damaged cargo. Through trial and error, we have found a solution for ourselves how to achieve the safest way of transportation.

air cargo The final contractor is the airline which we redeem seats on flights. An ordinary export-import company will not sell the service directly, but will send it to a transport agent, i.e. to a company like us. The transport agent enters into a contract with the airline and any dispute or claim from the client is redirected to the airline by recourse, because the agent, according to the international convention of the FIATA Freight Forwarders Association, has limited liability (read our article) . Sorting out disputes with an airline is relatively difficult, and enforcement is also difficult.

One of the tasks of our company is to create value for our client, and according to the context of this issue - to make the product as safe as possible. To do this, we analyzed our experience and the most successful solutions and developed the following strategy.

  1. We study the goods, how often they are stolen in warehouses, at docking airports and, depending on this, we think over the packaging. Sometimes the type of packaging increases costs, but at the same time, you receive the goods in full, reduces labor costs for solving problems with the contractor and the insurance company.
  2. We study the hazard class of this cargo, and in advance we collect the necessary documentation, safety certificates;
  3. We insure the cargo in a trusted insurance company that fulfills its obligations and values ​​its reputation;
  4. Sometimes we have to turn to air transport companies with threatening demands to resolve the issue, and to voice our potential actions to change the carrier and publicize this fact - in some cases it works, though it is not worth it abuse;
  5. And one of the most important actions - we try to use photographic recording at each stage, which allows us to identify the responsibility of each participant at an early stage, this is especially important when transporting valuable goods.

One example, a solution that made it possible to secure the transportation of expensive electronics from China (tablets and phones) and eliminate the theft factor - this is a change in the transport packaging. Previously, to preserve the cargo, special packaging made of sheet plywood was used, which must be bought, time spent on packing, and even increased the cost of air freight due to the additional weight.

international air cargo transportation The decision was made in favor of cheap and light material. The goods were packed in special material, which immediately indicated the fact of opening the cargo on the road, while the top was all tightened with polypropylene tapes with seals. And additional protection was branded scotch tape with a unique image, which did not allow attackers to “cover up the tracks” of their activities.

Did it ensure complete security - no, but the company's costs also decreased by 6.3% due to savings on freight, packaging, and a decrease in the number of thefts. This is a good example when in each situation you need to approach individually and apply non-standard solutions. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Agree that by applying the above methods, you can maximize the efficiency of air freight, and this is expensive.

If you like our approach, leave a request on the site, we will select the best solution for you in terms of cost / time / safety.

Our air freight agency will provide your logistics needs around the world. & nbsp;

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